5 LGBTQ+ Fashion Influencers Aimed to Inspire

June is Pride Month and we are here for it! While it seems like we have come a long way in de-stigmatizing the LGBTQ+ community, there is no doubt that there is a LOT more to be done. According to the Human Rights Campaign Foundation, "because of stigma and discrimination, LGBTQ youth are more likely than non-LGBTQ youth to struggle with their mental health." We don't want that to be the case. Today, in honor of the anniversary of Gay Marriage legalization across every state in America, we thought it would be important to share some LGBTQ+ fashion influencers that are in our world today and how they can impact you and help you in a positive way. 

  1. Andreja Pejic - Pejic came out in 2013 as a trans woman. Before that, she was the first completely androgynous supermodel. In an interview with Vogue, she says she knew she was always a woman, but some parts of her body didn't match. She grew up with gender dysphoria. She said she always tried to be a normal boy, because it was either straight or gay and knew she wasn't gay, however, she had no idea that there was an entire trans community walking across this Earth. Her goal as a model after her transition was to make a trans-female body just as normalized and accepted as a female-body. Pejic is now one of the most renowned transgender models in the world. 
  2.  Jamie Windust - Windust is a non-binary writer, public speaker, and model They are a LGBTQ+ activist and works to promote diversity and acceptance among the community involving the fashion, beauty and media industries. They are the founder and Editor-in-Chief of FRUITCAKE. Windust uses their humor and creativity when giving powerful messages on diversity among different panels, dinners, and public speeches.
  3. Devin-Norelle - Ze is a nonbinary model, influencer, public speaker, and activist. They are an opinion writer with different works published in Teen Vogue and Allure, among others. After walking in the New York Fashion Week shows, they were awarded Callen Lorde Transcendence Award for their uplifting advocacy for the transgender and LGBTQ+ community. 
  4. B. Hawk Snipes B. identifies as they/ them and is an entertainer, style icon, social activist, and model. B. is working on a ton of creative projects where they can diversify and inspire the world with some of their iconic talents. 
  5. Ronnie Rose Bloom - Bloom loves creating fashion and sharing their voice along with the LGBTQ+'s voice with their sense of style and diversity. They also love sharing self-love and expression on their favorite platform: Tik Tok. They try to create their content to make the community feel warmed and welcomed with what they are wearing and doing.