5 Summer Outfits For 5 Different Events

I know I hate the struggle of finding the perfect outfit to wear and I'm sure you guys do too. For this summer, though, 5 South has got you guys covered. For 5 of the most common summer activities, I have handpicked 5 outfits from our store to help you guys out. And, bonus if it's a dress because you get 25% off this week! ;)

  1. Cookout/ Barbecue - Need something to hide the fact that you ate 2 hamburgers and some macaroni salad? No worries. The V Neck Button Down Midi Dress is the perfect dress for any barbecue! It's not only very fashionable, but you can dress it up or down depending on how casual your barbecues are (I say this because of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills). It would be cute with any style shoes, but I would say a great flat sandal or even a platform sandal would be my choice! The brown buttons add very cute detailing and the shoes you wear can be styled that color to make the buttons pop. With the flow of the dress, it will hide any food baby you gain from devouring the burgers, or hotdogs if you prefer those. https://shop5south.com/collections/dresses-jumps/products/vneck-button-down-midi-dress
  2. Pool Party This is one of my favorite activities to do in the summer with my girls, but I never know what to wear after I'm done swimming around. The Limoncello Tank and Shorts are the perfect pair to wear when you're done in the pool. The style of it gives off such summer vibes. Why not take a picture in it with a Limoncello in hand? ;) The pink color compliments any skin tone and, not only that, but the fun, all-over print makes for a playful fit to relax in once you're all dry and ready to wind down. https://shop5south.com/products/limoncello-tank?_pos=2&_sid=4ca7c6238&_ss=r
  3. Wine Tasting - Not only wine tasting, but any day where you find yourself and the girls wanting to have a casual drinking day out on the patio. The Button-Down Midi Dress is such a feminine and classy dress to wear with your gal pals. Wear it as tight or as loose as you want, because the tie waste helps style it the way you want! You can also wear it with the sleeves up as a square neckline or off-the-shoulder. Two many martinis? All good because just like the first outfit, the flow helps hide any bloating and keeps you feeling confident the entire day. Pair with any sandals or heels and a dainty rose gold necklace to finish out the fit!  https://shop5south.com/collections/dresses-jumps/products/button-down-midi-dress
  4. Bonfire - We all know bugs are attracted to the warmth and light that bonfires bring, so we want something that covers a bit more than. With the Phoeby Pantsthere is no worry about annoying mosquitos biting your legs! Pair the pants with the Floral Smocked Crop and you have the cutest outfit for the bonfire. Not only do the colors match the theme of any bonfire, but the pants will help make the flowers in the top pop! Pair with any canvas shoes and you are good to go for the night. 
  5. Fireworks Show - Okay so we all know everyone likes wearing the classic red, white, and blue for any fireworks show. But why not make yourself stand out? The Tie-Dye Button Up Jumpsuit is the most exciting and playful outfit you could pull out of your closet for this occasion. The button detailing plays nicely with the girly flow of the jumpsuit. This jumpsuit will not only make you stand out, but it will keep you feeling confident as everyone is turning heads to see where you got it from! That can't be hard to pass up! https://shop5south.com/collections/dresses-jumps/products/tie-dye-button-up-jumpsuit