Shopping Tips - Quarantine Edition

Well, with the current pandemic currently happening in our world, it's hard to schedule a shopping day with the girls at your favorite market or boutique. But have no fear! You can always shop 5 South from home! Here are some tips and tricks on shopping, but, while in quarantine. 

Tip #1: Shop small businesses. While the pandemic has created challenges for most of the world and certainly the retail industry, small businesses are often being hit the hardest (especially in comparison to our big box store counterparts). Think about your favorite boutiques and online shops - many are still offering online shopping and contact-free delivery (we certainly are!). So yes, you can shop from your couch, in your pjs, with a glass of wine and no mask necessary. Win!

Tip #2: Enlist your friends. Just because you may not be able to physically hit the town with your friends doesn’t mean you can’t share a shopping experience. So much has become virtual and shopping can too! If you aren’t quite sure about a piece, just send a pic to one of your gal pals for their honest advice before hitting “check out.” And don’t forget to share the wealth. When you see something your friend would totally rock, send her the link!

Tip #3: Set a budget. I’ll admit it, it can be a little tricky! I know I always struggle with the temptation to overspend when I shop online. It's easy to go online and just rapidly add stuff to your cart when everything is so cute! While I am a fellow shopper and ENCOURAGE people to online shop, I believe setting a budget helps prevent buyer’s remorse. Whether it’s a budget per store you visit, per day, per week, per month, etc., depends on how often and where you are shopping. Think about your lifestyle and set some boundaries to help give you peace of mind so that when your new purchases arrive, you are excited rather than overwhelmed! (And if you really can’t decide, refer back to tip #2 and ask your bestie.) 

Tip #4: Check their current return policy. With the current pandemic, it might create a different return policy or none at all for the safety of their customers and employers. So, check the return policy they have right now and if they aren't letting customers return items then double-check the size guide and make sure you get the right size. And be sure you like the style/ design totally before buying. (And don’t fret - 5 South always offers 30 days if something isn’t quite right.)

Tip #5: Keep your emails with promos and coupons organized. Don't delete them right off the bat - you never know what may be hiding inside! Make a list of the stores you want to shop at and any coupons you may have for them and make note of when they expire so you don’t lose out! Like they say, nothing lasts forever!

Tip #6: Remember that your work from home uniform won’t last forever. Pretty soon, workplaces, restaurants, and public places will be reopening and you’ll be trading in your comfy sweats and tees for cute dresses and tanks. So spruce up your wardrobe now and you’ll be ready to dazzle at your first social re-appearance! Now that you’re prepped with these tips, check out our new summer arrivals and happy shopping!